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Share the Road!!

Anon Ymous

By Anon Ymous

The warm weather is finally here and along with it, cyclists! I'm an avid cyclist and unfortunately there aren't many trails for us to enjoy biking in so we have to make due with the roads and highways. This can be challenging and dangerous at times because of impatient drivers whom it seems would rather run you over than waste 5 seconds waiting behind you before they overtake. I have to say that the vast majority of the drivers I share the road with are very courteous and friendly. It's the 5% of road ragers and speeders that are creating a very dangerous problem.
The road does not belong to you because you are in a motorized vehicle. I have just as much right to be on it as you do. If I'm travelling west, I use the westbound lane - NOT THE SIDEWALK!! If you can't pass safely, wait the 5 seconds , then overtake me. More often than not, we'll get to the intersection at the same time anyway and I won't have to give you dirty looks for almost killing me. As for ol' highway 11, it's pretty much a "Use at your own risk" situation but I won't be intimidated by the transports and again the ragers who refuse to move an inch to allow you room on the pavement. I feel like they really believe that we cyclists have no right being on the road and would rather see us splattered on the ground than actually slow down to avoid killing us. Pretty sad, but with helmet cams becoming more and more affordable, hopefully these bad drivers can be caught and brought to justice.
One more hazard on the road are kids! Yesterday was Sunday and it was just gorgeous outside, which drew many kids outdoors and with good reason! Well in the time I was riding around town, one kid on a bicycle came onto Ash street from a side road without looking first and if the pickup truck driver hadn't been going extremely slow, the poor kid would have definitely been hit. Can you imagine how horrible that would have been for the kid, the driver and the kid's parents?
10 minutes later over by Andre Cary school, another child of about 10 years old on a bike comes strolling out of the school parking lot and this time it's me who came very close to hitting him. Again, the damage that a 200lbs man coming at you at 30km/h on a bicycle can inflict makes me cringe just thinking about it. Fortunately I was able to brake, swerve and avoid him. Again, this would have ruined the kid's day as well as his parents' and mine. Parents, if your kids can't be trusted outside on the streets by themselves, then MAKE SURE THEY DON'T GO OUT BY THEMSELVES!! Their plastic Spider-Man helmet won't protect them against a car or a grown man plowing into them!

Enjoy the sun and stay safe!

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