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Illuminate Workplace Safety: Regular Lighting Maintenance Equals Happy, Safe Employees

ram burnout

By ram burnout

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Your building experiences an electrical outage on a particularly stormy day. Wrong resolution: Business owner sends an employee out to the electrical box to reset a fuse. The end result? Employee is at risk for accidental electrocution, a serious injury. Employer is at risk for personal injury and liability lawsuits.

Improper Lighting Maintenance Scenario #3:

Your office entryway lighting is poor, and two employees have had slip-and-fall accidents during rainy season. Wrong resolution: Set up a timed checklist where employees are responsible to mop the entryway during rainy season. The end result? Employees and/or customers are still at risk for serious injury. Employer is at risk for personal injury and liability lawsuits and loss of relevant permits for an unsafe work environment.

Improper Lighting Maintenance Scenario #4:

Your parking lot lighting is insufficient to illuminate the far corners of your lot. Many night-shift workers have complained or quit. Wrong resolution: Do nothing or increase night-shift compensation. The end result? Employees do not feel safe, many refusing to work the night shift. Employer experiences a high rate of employee turnover and associated costs. Employer is also at risk for personal injury and liability lawsuits if an employee becomes a victim of crime.

Each of these scenarios illuminates how business owners place themselves in jeopardy. Each of these workplace “accidents” is wholly avoidable when proper lighting maintenance is observed.

The bottom line is that: working closely with a lighting maintenance professional can reduce the costs associated with workplace accidents—much more than is readily apparent at first glance. The costs associated with workplace lawsuits are multi-dimensional. When an employee is injured on the job, the employer is responsible to pay costs associated with immediate treatment, hospital and physician bills, occupational therapy, medicine and necessary medical equipment. When you compare these costs with the costs of maintaining a regular lighting maintenance schedule, your new perspective will be crystal clear: Regular lighting maintenance equals happy, safe employees.

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