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Mother's Day poem

Kevin Savage

By Kevin Savage

I wrote this for my mother back in Grade 9 and 18 years later this poem still stands true and I'm sure a lot of mother's deserve to be told these sentiments on mothers day. I would love to share this with you.

Mom Can't You See

Glistening oceans, so gentle and free
My mother reminds me of one such beauty
The warmth and affection she's brought to my heart
soothes and protects me for I'll never part

The day I was born so little with glee
I was met with much love and mom would agree
To hold me so tight in the palm of her hand
Telling herself I'd be quite a man

As time whistled by I knew not my strengths
But mommy would tell me to reach for great lengths
I'd reach and I'd reach and never fell down
Thinking of mom has kept on my crown

Flowing through life is so simple you see
Thinking of mom keeps me focused and free
The love that my mother has for us three
Represents greater strength then Muhammed Ali

He may "float like a butterfly"
or sting like a bee'
but he'll never compare

*To my great mommy!*

Helene Savage thanks for being so wonderful and to all the mothers Happy Mothers Day!!!

Love Kevin64565

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