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Mary Katherine Keown


Marymount Academy students Emily Sportan, back right, Mckenzie Lalonde and Victoria Muscolino serve food to Billie Haryett, left, and Cody Lavallee at a Christmas luncheon at the Sudbury Action Centre for Youth in Sudbury on Friday. The luncheon was organized by Grade 12 students at Marymount, and the event has been going on for 27 years. John Lappa/Sudbury Star

Marymount students 'give us hope again'

Carrigan Dorion has just finished lunch and she looks quite satisfied. It is no wonder, the aromas wafting through the basement of the Sudbury Action Centre for Youth (SACY), in a former church on Pine Street, awaken the nose and tease the taste buds.

<p>Natalie Mehra, left, executive director of Ontario Health Coalition, and Anne Marie MacInnis, president of Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor, present petition balloons to Sudbury MPP Glenn Thibeault during a rally against hospital cuts outside Thibeault's office in Sudbury, Ont. on Friday April 17, 2015. John Lappa/Sudbury Star/Postmedia Network

Protest in Sudbury decries health care cuts

Tracy Labelle-Robichaud really does not want to leave Northern Ontario, but if health care spending continues along its current trajectory, she may not have a choice.

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What to do if you see a pothole in Sudbury

The city's pothole problems are no secret. Last month, The Star shared with readers the story of Eric Grenon and a petulant pothole on Maley Drive. Now, the City of Greater Sudbury has responded.