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Fort Albany Evacuees to see extended stay in Kapuskasing

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

 KAPUSKASING - Over 20 individuals from Fort Albany First Nations will see an extended evacuation stay in Kapuskasing.

According to Fire Chief Pat Kennedy, 25 individuals will be remaining in Kapuskasing for an additional four to six month stay.

“Those evacuees have been here since the end of February due to a sewer line problem,” he said. “They'll be here for another four to six months while work is being done on a permanent fix.” 
Currently, Kennedy said that homes for the individuals have been found, but now work has begun on purchasing furniture.
“Right now we're in the quoting process for furniture,” Kennedy said. “It looks like we have all the homes they need. A few months ago we were anticipating that this was going to happen, so we prepared by asking people in advance to secure homes.” 
All evacuees from Kashechewan returned home earlier in May.