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Bourgouin launches Kapuskasing Campaign

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

Guy Bourgouin officially launched his campign in Kapuskasing on May 11.

Guy Bourgouin officially launched his campign in Kapuskasing on May 11.

 KAPUSKASING – The candidate for the New Democratic Party (NDP) of the new Mushkegowuk-James Bay riding, Guy Bourgouin officially launched his campaign in Kapuskasing on May 11 at the campaign office in the Circle. 


The event featured a free hotdog BBQ for anyone to attend, as well as details on some of Bourgouin's platform for the upcoming provincial election.
Bourgouin highlighted various factors that he, and the NDP party, seek to address during the election that included topics such as health care, forestry, education, First Nations,  Ontario Hydro, gas prices, and more. 
“We need to fix the health care,” he said. “20 years of Liberals and Conservatives are enough, we need to change for the better, we need to fix it, we will put money on healthcare, on hospitals, and especially on long term.”
He said that there are close to 35,000 people currently waiting on long-term care. 
“People deserve to have their last days in dignity, and that is not happening, which is wrong.” 
Bourgouin said that the NDP intends to invest and create 27,000 new jobs for youth.
“We want to start talks with unions and talk with companies to try and keep our youth here and create apprenticeships and other careers so we can tap into our youth,” he said. “Our youth is one of our richest resources that we have, and we need to invest in that.” 
In regards to gas prices, Bourgouin said that the NDP intend to put an expert committee together to help bring prices across Ontario to comparable values. 
“Northern Ontario has been paying a lot more than then fair share for gas, and we want to change that.”
 The provincial election will take place on June 7.