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Offering knitted goods for those in need

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

 KAPUSKASING – Beginning earlier in March, a new not-for-profit organization in Kapuskasing is offering knitted goods for those in need.


Kap Knits Back began as a result of founder Pamela Longtin's desire to give back to the community.
“ I had started knitting with a circular loom and realized how easy it was, then I was wondering what to do with all these things I was making that had nowhere to go,” she said. “So I figured it could be a great way to give back to the community and still do something really cool.”
She said that people were interested in her goods over Facebook, and that led her to want to find somewhere to do a pick up box.
“ I made a Facebook group, got quite a bit of feedback from the community from people interested in donating wool or time to knit, and had the Friendship Centre came forward offering to be a place for pickup of these items”
She said that currently the group has a display set up at the Kap Friendship Centre.
“We've made a display on the wall at the Friendship Centre, its like a clothes line with bags labelled as to what they are,” Longtin said. “Our biggest idea is that no one should feel ashamed for grabbing items. If you need it its there, if you need it take it, we don't want anyone to feel embarrassed.” 
Currently the group has been offering socks and other clothing items, but Longtin said they have plans to broaden the group's scope.
“Im hoping that by Christmas time, once we get more of a knitting base of people and yarn, Im hoping to do blankets for the hospital and nursing homes, and also for the kids from NEOFACS,” she said. “My hope is to knit throughout the summer to have everyone supplied with hats, mitts, and socks, and come September-October start knitting blankets.”
Currently the group has six volunteers, but Longtin said they are always looking for more. If interested in donating time or materials, please visit the group's Facebook page  Kap Knits Back.