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A successful season for Remi Ski Club

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

 MOONBEAM – The Remi Ski Club held its final day of the season on March 31, and operations manager Norm Nadeau says the season was a success.


“The season was great, we saw an especially great March,” he said. “This year we had lots of snow so we were able to go all the way to the end of March which is fantastic. Most of the time we don't even make March Break.” 
Nadeau said that the season saw five closures during December and January. 
“We closed for three days in December/January because of the cold, and two days because of closed roads due to the weather conditions.”
New this year was an increase in the number of tubes and fat bikes available due to demand. 
“We groomed all of the fat bike trails now, so thats bringing in more people.”
In addition the chalet and mountain as a whole saw new wifi services, provided by Vianet. 
“New this year was Vianet was a major sponsor and they provided us with free wifi in the chalet as well as on the mountain, so our thanks goes out for that.”
One standout of the season, Nadeau said, was an increase in out of town visitors.
“We also had a lot more visitors from Timmins and Hearst this year,” he said. “Its getting around that our mountain is a great place to start and learn, so we've seen an increase in beginners.” 
Despite the season being officially closed, Nadeau said that the hill and chalet are still available to rent.
“Even though the lift system is shut down for skiing, the hill is still available for rental,” he said. “For birthday parties, reunions, etc. The trails are still open. Snowshoe trails. Fatbikes are still available to rent, and so is the chalet.”
He expressed his thanks to the number of volunteers, and to the businesses and municipalities that assisted in keeping the hill running.
“We'd like to thank all of those for keeping all these families and children active throughout the winter.”