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Grant earns fourth berth at provincials

Naza Grant is headed to the provincial championships later this month in Kingston.

Naza Grant is headed to the provincial championships later this month in Kingston.


KAPUSKASING - Naza Grant has qualified for the Skate Ontario STARSkate Provincial Championships for the 4th consecutive year.

Previously, Skate Ontario selected the top 3-4 skaters in each category from each Region (Northern, Eastern, Central, and Western). Then, these skaters met at a competition to compete against each other.


However this past year, Skate Ontario amalgamated and the four regions no longer exist.


In order to qualify the skaters had to identify with Skate Ontario, which category they were skating in, and which two competitions would be used as qualifying competitions. The highest score of the two identified competitions would be used to rank the skater.


On March 5th Skate Ontario announced who the top 12-18 skaters were in each category (depending on their categories).

Young Ms. Grant identified in both the Star 6 FreeSkate and the Star 7 FreeSkate (Short Program).


While she would fall short in the Star 6 program finishing in 53rd position, in Star 7 she placed 16th guaranteeing her a spot to compete in Kingston, Ontario on March 16, 2018, at the provincial championships.


The big surprise for the 11-year-old was that she was able to qualify under the new system.


“It’s one thing to be in the top 3-4 in your category in your division in Northern Ontario but in the past, when you arrived at provincials you knew that there were probably skaters out there in other regions who had higher scores than you, but didn’t have the opportunity to compete because they didn’t have the higher scores in their regions,” said Naza. “Now, with this new system, you’ve got to be in the best 12-18 skaters to go no matter where you live”.

Naza finished 16th out of 115 skaters.


When asked for comment, a representative from the KFSC stated that she was proud of all of the skaters this year, saying the KFSC skaters had some amazing results.


“The fact that our skaters can do so well given where we live, and the fact that they are often competing against skaters who have ice year round, who have off ice facilities to assist in their training, who don’t have to travel as far as we do to compete is amazing,” the KFSC told The Times.


“Our skaters face a host of additional challenges that skaters in other areas do not, but they rise to the occasion every time and they represent to the best of their abilities. With the changes brought forth by Skate Ontario it feels like they’ve forgotten about the clubs in Northern Ontario, but with successful representation from our skaters we hope to ensure that we continue to remind them that regardless of the obstacles they place in front of our skaters, our parents and our clubs, we will continue to prevail and skate strong.