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Kap figure skaters continue to shine

 KAPUSKASING - Members of the Kapuskasing Figure Skating Club (KFSC) continue to shine in competition. Here are some of their recent results.


Additional Results (James Bay Interclub, New Liskeard)

Sierra Gravel- Star 4-Free skate (2)

Star 4 Team (1)

Star4-Elements (1)

Silver Interpretative-(2)

Joalie Boudreau-Star 3- Bronze elements (3)

Star 3-Free skate (3)


Results (Make it a date to skate, North Bay-February 22-25th)

Genevieve Delguidice-Bronze Triathlon-(5)

Star 7-short program (5)

Star 6-long program (1)

Naza Grant-Star 7 Short program (1)

Star 6-Long program (2)

Rosalie Renaud-Star 3-Free skate (3)

Star 3-Elements (3)

Magaly Tremblay-Star 3-Free skate (3)

Star 3-Elements (3)

Marie-Pier Lemieux-Star 3 -Free skate (3)

Star 3 –Elements (3)

Emma Van Alstine-Star 3-Free skate (3)

Star 3-Elements (3)

Alexandra Grzela-Munnoch-Star 4-Free skate U13 (2)

Star 4-Elements (1)

Pre-introductory Interpretive (2)

Elizabeth Grzela-Munnoch-Star 3-Free skate (3)

Star 3-Elements (3)


Genevieve Delguidice and Naza Grant are both awaiting the final results from Skate Ontario to qualify for Skate Ontario Championships for their respective categories. Big congratulations to all of the KFSC skaters.


Upcoming are the Skate Ontario STARSkate Provincial Championships, Kingston, Ontario, March 16-18th.