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March 5 will be Just Les Girls

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

 KAPUSKASING - Kapuskasing's International Women's Day celebrations are coming up soon, with the event hosted by Habitat Interlude, is planned to take place on March 5 at the basement of Immaculate Conception. 


This year's theme is called Just Les Girls, said one of the event committee members Roxanne Lessard, with the doors opening at 6:30 pm  and the event beginning at 7 pm. 
“The theme is a secret apart from its name,” she said. “But I can say that it is going to be one not to miss this year.” 
She said that the evening is set to provide a fun and interactive experience.
“Last year we had done a more hands on approach to our evening, and the women loved it,” she said. “So this year we wanted to do something similar. It will be more interactive than an evening of speeches and hearing people talk. I'm held to secrecy, so we're not going to announce whats going to happen, just that its a big celebration, and it will be a lot of fun.” 
Entrance to the event will not cost money, but Lessard said that Habitat Interlude is asking participants to bring a hygiene or cleaning product.
“We give big care packages to women when they're leaving the shelter, as it is expensive when they leave, so they get a gift,” she said. “Because of this we need to restock our cleaning products for the women, so as in years previous we're asking for people to donate those items again.”
The event will be able to sit 120 people, and Lessard said that it will be first come, first serve.
“There is 120 seats, and no reservations, so after the first 120 arrive, is all that we can take, and then we have to turn people away at the door.” 
Just Les Girls is set to occur on the evening of March 5.