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James Bay Interclub Results (January 26-28, 2018)

 KAPUSKASING - Members of the Kapuskasing Figure Skating Club competed in New Liskeard at the end of January.

Here are the skater's results:

Marie-Pier Lemieux- Star 3 Free skate-Silver; Star 3 elements-silver;Star 3 team-silver; creative Improv-Gold 
Emma Van Alstine-Star 3 Freeskate-silver;Star 3 elements-Bronze; Star 3-Silver; Creative Improv-Gold 
Magaly Tremblay-Star 3 Freeskate-Bronze; Star 3 elements-Bronze;Creative Improv-Silver; Star 3 Team-Silver 
Tash-i-nay Martin-evaluation merit 
Kaityln Godard- Bronze Interpretitive-Gold; Star 4 Free skate-Bronze; Star 4 Elements-Bronze; Star 4 Team-Gold 
Danica Francoeur-Star 4 Free skate-(0-13)-Bronze; Star 4 elements-4th;Star 5 Team-5th; Silver Interpretative-Gold ;Show case Improv-Gold 
Mary Guido-Star 4 Freeskate-silver;Star 4 elements-Gold; Star 5 team-5th; Show Case 2-Gold; Silver Interpretative-Gold 
Marion Miller-Star 5 free skate-Bronze; Star 5 elements-4; Star 5 Team-5th; Silver Interpretative-Gold; Show Case Improv-Gold 
Rosalie Renaud- Assessment free skate-Bronze; Elements-Bronze; Star 3 team-Bronze 
Chanelle Jansen-Star 2 free skate-silver; Star 2 elements-gold 
Hayden Marin-Star 3 free skate-Bronze; Star 3 elements-Bronze; Star 3 team-silver; Creative Improv-silver 
Alexandra Grzela Munnoch-Star 4 freeskate-silver; Star 4 elements- silver; Star 4 Team-Gold; Creative Improv-Silver 
Emma Cataford-Star 4 free skate-4th; Star 4 elements-5th; Star 5 team-5th 
Elizabeth Grzela Munnoch-Star 2 freeskate-Bronze; Star 2 elements-Bronze; Creative Improv-Silver 
Amelie Mann-Star 2 free skate-Bronze; Star 2 elements-Silver; Star 2 Team-Bronze 
Naza Grant-Star 6 Free skate-Silver; Star 7 Free skate-Gold 
Genevieve Delguidice-Bronze Triathalon-Gold; Star 6-free skate-Gold; Star 7 Free skate-Silver; Open team-Bronze 
The next competition for the KFSC skaters is Make it a Date to Skate, scheduled for February 22-25, 2018.