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Lovequist sentenced to 18 months, probation

 The 2013 child pornography case against Kapuskasing resident Kevin Lovequist has wrapped up and a sentence handed down.


On October 15, 2013, the OPP seized child pornography from eight of the accused's electronic devices. The amount of offending material in Lovequist's collection was characterized as above average.


Lovequist would eventually plead guilty to one count of Possession of Child Pornography.


In November of 2017, the Court heard submissions from both the Crown and the defence. At that time the Crown asked the Court to impose a sentence of two years less a day, in addition to probation and other ancillary orders. The defence asked for a lesser sentence.


The Crown stated to the Court that the size of the collection, the nature and content of the material, the depravity depicted and the level of organization of the collection were all aggravating factors.


The defence on the other hand, cited the accused's guilty plea, absence of a criminal record, prospect for rehabilitation, cooperation with the police and genuine expression of remorse as mitigating factors.


Justice Cindy MacDonald gave her decision on Jan. 11 of this year, sentencing Lovequist to 18 months of jail and 24 months of probation. Additionally, Lovequist is prohibited from owning weapons for a period of 10 years or from going where children could be expected to be found for life. The Court also ordered that the accused supply a sample of his DNA and be registered as a sex offender.