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KFSC hosts CanSkate event

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 On January 13th, the KFSC held its 6th CanSkate Elements event. This is a yearly event that occurs for our up and coming skaters who are tested on their skills learned over the past four months. 


A big thank you needs to go out to numerous individuals beginning with the KFSC CanSkate coaches Marissa Tremblay and Josee Renaud. Their Program assistants who assisted the coaches were Alexandra Grzela Munnoch, Ameilia Tremblay, Danica Francoeur and Naza Grant. In addition, a huge thank you goes out to Lynn Ann Grzela for organizing the event and taking fabulous pictures of each individual skater.


Congratulations goes out to everyone who participated and helped out including parents and caregivers.

Our 19 adorable and hard working CanSkaters were the following:

Carlierose Bergeron

Alexa Boisvert

Quinton Coghill

Veronica Doonan

Christian Guidon

Sebastien Gravel

Mia Fortier

Annabel Lauzon

Julia Ouimette

Florence Van Alstine

Caitlin Ashikawa

Noemie Guidon

Adrien Renaud

Levannah Tremblay

Tash-i-nay Martin

Charlie Doll Joncas


KFSC Star Skaters will be travelling to New Liskeard on January 26-28, 2018 for the James Bay Interclub competition which is now open to skaters across Ontario and no longer a regional competition. Good luck skaters and coaches.