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Coming up: Kap Sno-Rover's Poker Rally

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

KAPUSKASING - The Kap Sno-Rovers annual Poker Rally is fast approaching, with the event set to take place on Feb.3.

The Rally begins at 10 am at La Forge for registration, before participants take to the trails to gather their cards.

“You show up at 10 at La Forge and get your first voucher, the rest are out on the trail,” said President of the Sno-Rovers Bob Roussy.

Cost to buy in is $20.

The course will feature stops at La Forge (Kap) for registration and the voucher (map available), next is  Damco (Moonbeam) for the second voucher, Lily Creek (south trail #L123) for the third voucher, Intersection of trails/#L123 & #L142 for the fourth voucher, and then back to La Forge to exchange the  four vouchers for five cards.
Roussy said that the Rally will have the same format as years previous, with a similar loop and trail.

“The trail will be marked with signage to indicate what direction to go, it's a loop and will be well marked,” he said. “Most people that do the rally know the trail by heart, but our rally keeps on getting bigger and bigger every year, so we accommodate new participants.”

The prizes this year will be First Place:  25% of returns, second place: 15% of returns, third place: 10% of returns, and then a variety of participation prizes.

When asked if he thinks weather will present an obstacle, Roussy was undeterred.

“Usually when it is that cold (-40C range) there's not too many people that show up, but for the most part it doesn't deter too many people,” he said. “You're well dressed on a sled. February is usually the cold month but this year it seems like January might take that title. I'm hoping Feb 3 will feature -20C weather, which will be perfect.”