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Miss Kap Pageant to be rebranded as Miss Northern Corridor

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

 KAPUSKASING - The Miss Kapuskasing Pageant is being revamped and rebranded for its 2018 return on Feb. 15, as the Miss Northern Corridor Pageant. 


“The reason behind the title change is for the event to be more inclusive for all of the surrounding communities from Opasatika to Smooth Rock Falls,” said new pageant Director Chloé Brunelle.
“In the past as the Miss Kapuskasing Pageant some of the girls would represent Moonbeam or the other communities in different pageants instead, so this is a way to give more of a chance for everyone to participate.” 
Other changes taking place to the pageant format will be a shift in the director role. 
“In the past, the director used to be Lori-Ann Duguay, but she decided to step down and now I will be the director,” said Brunelle. 
She said that the pageant will be seeing some activity changes, with more of a focus on additions.
“Some of the activities will be staying the same, but we'll be focusing on adding more events like a sip and feed night, as well as a presentation to help the girls become more aware of Native culture and their traditions to better understand those in the community.” 
One small shift Brunelle mentioned, was the pageant taking place slightly earlier in February.
“We want to hold the pageant earlier than before so that the pageant winners will be able to attend the carnival events of the other surrounding communities as well,” she said. “We will be holding the pageant at an earlier date to ensure the ambassadors are in place in time to attend the various carnivals.”
Registration for the pageant is now open, with the deadline being Dec. 1.
“Rather than jam all the activities into three intensive weeks in February, activities will start slowly in December and be spread out over the next two and a half months.” 
Brunelle said that they need a minimum of 12 entrants. 
For more information as well as the registration forms, please visit the Miss Northern Corridor 2018 page on Facebook, or if participants have any questions, contact Chloé at 705-367-5669.