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Green TK continues to help beautify Kapuskasing

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

 KAPUSKASING – Work continues to help beautify Kapuskasing through the introduction of new trees and greenery as the GREEN TK (Growing Roots for Each and Every Northerner - Trees Kapuskasing) helped plant trees in the community. 


“Our current project is the Ash and Cedar,” said organization chairperson Carmen Urbas. “We planted some trees over the weekend, and hopefully next year we'll have some benches there and some more little shrubs around it. The Rotary Club and the Library are going there too so we'll see what we can do with that.”
She said that the group intends to make the once barren corner something similar to the corner of Avenue and Murdock. 
“There was nothing there before, it was just gravel and it looked awful,” she said. “We're trying to do something similar to the corner of Avenue and Murdock, but it won't be as elaborate because the committee  is there to plant trees and nothing besides. The Rotary is helping us out with maybe some stones and benches to put there and beautify it.”
Urbas said that she first started Green TK in order to help spread trees and plantlife across the community. 
“I formed a committee of people and then from there we started planting trees every year,” she said. “My project is for ten years, so that hopefully when we celebrate Kapuskasing's 100th anniversary we'll have trees everywhere in town.”
Since first starting in 2011, Urbas said that the group has gone on to plant over 200 trees in town.
“I'm very pleased with our successes, because when I first started the project six years ago, my dream was to plant a few trees each year, but now we're over 200, so we're doing really well.” 
Some past accomplishments of the group include beautifying McPherson, Avenue, the Gore, and various parks and playgrounds scattered through town, such as Birch and Oak, and Kolb, among others. 
“There was a park on Kolb, and it was left rather sore for the eyes, so we planted some new trees there alongside the town putting in a little playground for the guests at the Travelodge.”
Urbas said that next year the group plans to finish work at the corner of Ash and Cedar, but plans beyond that have yet to be determined.
“We have to get together and discuss where our next project will be, we're thinking around where the bear is on the highway, make an area where people can sit and plant some trees there, but we'll see.”