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Forest fires force evacuation to Kap

 Forest Fires within close proximity of the Nibinamik First Nation community are causing heavy smoke conditions in the general area and potential risk of the health and safety of the citizens.


Nibinamik First Nation declared an Emergency on August 12, 2017 due to the forest fire and the concern of the well-being of the community members.
Evacuation flights to Kapuskasing were completed over the weekend.
Approximately 270 residents will remain in Kapuskasing lodged at local motels, while the remaining residents were directed to other host communities. 
Meals and emergency supplies are being provided at the Civic Center Auditorium.
Federal, Provincial and non-government stakeholders will continue to work with the Nibinamik First Nation and the host community of Kapuskasing.
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is coordinating flight schedules.
Planning is currently underway to locate additional host communities for remaining evacuees.