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Competing in the Amateur Lumberjack Competition

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

The Smart Axes claimed gold in the annual Amateur Lumberjack Competition held during Kapuskasing's Lumberjack Heritage Festival on July 22.


The competition this year saw seven teams participate in the day-long event that challenged them across ten events utilizing skills necessary for lumberjacks.


Everything went fairly smoothly to be honest,� said event organizer Marc Clavelle. �Things went well. Time was good, and pretty well everything went off without a hitch.�


He said that the number of competitors had increased this year, up one from last year's six.


�We had seven teams participate, we almost had eight but one dropped out late.�


New to the event this year was emcee Gilbert Couture, and a return to its old location on top of the hill.


�Both the location change and the emcee Gilbert had a good positive impact,� Clavelle said. �The crowds were big and it was more visible being up top. The emcees voice going had people curious as to what was going on. I think that had a real positive impact in getting the crowd out.�


Clavelle expressed his thanks to Couture for taking part.


I really want to thank him because it brought a lot to the competition and just sort of kept the life going.�


Another small change made to keep things moving, was a reduction in some of the events maximum times.


�We also tried to keep things moving along quickly, we found that in the past it sort of lagged where events took a lot of time, so we tried to move things on quicker,� he said. �For example instead of fifteen minutes for an event it was ten. Just to keep things moving because it becomes long after awhile, especially for the spectators.�



This year's winners are: 

1st place winners: Smart Axes
J-F Philippe, Kieran Harding, Justin Renaud, J-F Renaud, Josh Breau & Paula Rich

2nd place winners: Tembec B-Squad
Sylvain Labelle, Eric Guertin, Jean Filion, St�phanie Boucher, Jeff Brooks & Sylvain Guay

3rd place winners: Tembec Studs
Sebastion Belanger, Luc Portelance, Vanessa Ouellette, Alain Ouellette & Scott Payant