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Kapswim Competes in Long Course Champs

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Nine members qualified this season to compete in the Jeno Tihanyi Long Course Championships in Sudbury last weekend. They met up with 20 other clubs and finished 12th overall with 5 golds, 3 silvers, and 4 bronzes.


Danika Ethier had all top-4 finishes, while Kaylee LaSalle had all top-5 places. Madison Smith grabbed 2nd place in the 50m back, and Laurence Trottier was 2nd in the 100m breast, 3rd in the 200m breast. Ryley Casonato earned 4th in both the 50m fly and 50m breast, while Nicola Girouard was 5th in the 200m back on the boys’ side. Other highlights include: 7th place for Raphaelle Gendron in the 50m breast, 9th place for Madison Johnson in the 200m breast, and 11th place for Sarah Ethier in the 50m free.


Kapswim competed in 3 Long Course meets this year and some of our athletes finished their season ranked high in the provincial and national “50m-pool” standings.


Danika Ethier (12 years old):

16th in Ontario and 35th in Canada in the 200m breast.

20th in Ontario and 46th in Canada in the 100m breast.

26th in Ontario and 67th in Canada in the 50m breast.

59th, 80th and 88th in the province in the 400m IM, 50m fly and 50m free respectively.


Jacob Girouard (10 years old):

85th in Ontario in the 200m breast.


Nicola Girouard (11 years old):

54th in Ontario and 100th in Canada in the 200m back.

64th and 85th in the province in the 50m and 100m back respectively.


Kaylee LaSalle (10 years old):

13th in Ontario and 25th in Canada in the 200m breast.

18th in Ontario and 30th in Canada in the 200m back.

19th in Ontario and 29th in Canada in the 50m back.

21st in Ontario and 42nd in Canada in the 100m back.

23rd in Ontario and 37th in Canada in the 100m breast.

She also ranked in the top 100 provincially and nationally in the 50m breast, 50m and 100m fly.


Madison Smith (14 years old):

46th in Ontario in the 50m breast.

70th and 77th in the province in the 100m breast and 50m back respectively.


Laurence Trottier (11 years old):

51st in Ontario and 79th in Canada in the 100m breast.


Danika and Kaylee have both qualified for the 2017 Ontario Summer Festival that will be held in Markham June 24th and 25th. Madison Smith also qualified but won’t be able to attend this short-course meet.