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Dixie Lee celebrates grand opening in Kapuskasing

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

Dixie Lee Fried Chicken celebrated its grand opening in Kapuskasing on June 17.

Dixie Lee Fried Chicken celebrated its grand opening in Kapuskasing on June 17.

Fried chicken is now back in Kapuskasing as Dixie Lee Fried Chicken celebrated its grand opening and ribbon cutting event on June 17.


Formally opening earlier in the month at 250 Government Rd, the restaurant offers a variety of chicken dishes and selections as well as some fish and salads.
“We have fried chicken, we have fresh home styled and battered in house Nova Scotia haddock,” said franchise owner Maria Struik. “It comes in freshly packaged for us. We do it all right there. Coleslaw no preservatives made on site every couple of hours because we go through so much.”

She said that one of the goals of the franchise is to offer a healthier choice to fast food, through products made and prepared on site.


“We're moving towards is having everything under our control and not brought in by anyone else, just made here.”


When asked what led to the franchise considering Kapuskasing, Struik said that it was through the store owners initiative.


“It was Louie Leblond and Judith Dugais who inquired to learn about Dixie Lee and after speaking with us they believed that we were potentially a good fit and we had several long telephone conversations, and within a few weeks they decided that they were going to become Dixie Lee Fried Chicken Kapuskasing.”


Thus far, she said that support has been overwhelming.


“The numbers are here and the people in Kap are fantastic,” Struik said. “We love being here serving and making sure that they get what they love.”


She said that one of the highlights of this growth is the opportunity to further develop business and employment in the area.


“The important part for me and what Im passionate about is that I love to see people growing business for themselves, and being able to make a difference,” Struik said. “Here we have a team between 15 and 20 people, and if we can come to an area and provide employment, more choices for food and what have you, I think thats a mission in and of itself because everyone is looking for a job and stable income.”