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Chez Lizette to move to new location in July

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

One of Kapuskasing's restaurants, Chez Lizette, will soon be moving to a new location.


According to restaurant owner Brenda Plamondon, Chez Lizette will be moving from its location on 34 Henderson Ave to 139 Brunetville Rd, the former location of Great Northern Pizza.


“We had been looking for a place for about a year and a half now to try and get a bigger location,” Brenda Plamondon said. “We've had to turn people away at the door because we're too busy. So we had first tried with the Chamber of Commerce and the log cabin, and then after when Great Northern closed we spoke together and decided to take over the building.”


She said that the expected date for opening at the new location will be July 12.

“We're a week behind right now, we were supposed to open on July 4, but now it will be the 12,” she said. “We'll be closed for a week on July 4 or close to it so that we can do the transition.”


Plamondon said that everyone will be surprised to see the building's redesign.


“We're supposed to be putting up the stone and siding next week, inside we tore everything apart and redid everything.”

When asked if the move will see changes to the menu, Plamondon said that it will see some new familiar additions.

“I'm combining my menu with the Great Northern menu,” she shared. “It will still be Chez Lizette, but we'll probably have like Chez Lizette Pizzeria, because we're bringing back Great Northern's pizza, the subs, all of that we'll have. Then come September we'll probably be launching four to five other new additions on the menu too.”