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Longhorns believe re-build will be successful

By Kevin Anderson, The Northern Times

Over the last couple of seasons, the Val Albert Motors Longhorns of the Timmins Men’s Soccer League have seen a number of veterans retire from the club, which has led to this year’s team adding a number of new faces.


Despite that, team captain, Justin Renaud told The Times he believes the team’s re-build year will be a successful one.


“We’re 1-1 so far. The game we lost was a 3-2 game and really could have gone either way,” he said. “We’re a young team with a number of new faces, but I think it’s only a matter of time before we gel and really get rolling.”


Renaud said most teams in the league are in a similar position to the Longhorns, having to restock the cupboards with fresh, young talent. In addition to that, the league has added a new team from Hearst.


“They’re the wildcard,” said Renaud. “No one is really too sure how good they are as a team. They could surprise some people.”


The Kapuskasing club and Timmins United have typically put some distance between themselves and the rest of the league at the top of the TMSL standings.


With all of these changes across the league, Renaud was asked if he believes there will be more parity across the board.


“I really hope it will be more competitive. No one likes to play in blowout games,” he commented. “That being said and having seen a good number of the other teams, I still think it will be us and United at the end. But I am hoping games against other clubs will be closer.”


The league’s schedule is not set in stone at this point, so Renaud said the easiest way to find out when the team is playing is the visit the Longhorns’ Facebook page.


“Hopefully we can get some people to come out and cheer,” he said. “We always appreciate the support.”