People are covering their entire bodies in peel-off masks for bizarre beauty challenge

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When the charcoal face mask trend took off, thousands of videos were posted all over social media of people hilariously peeling off the thick tar-like goop from their t-zones.

Now beauty bloggers have taken things a step further and are slathering their entire bodies in black goo, just to peel it all away -- ripping away all the gunk in their pores while leaving behind shiny, smooth skin.

YouTubers Izabela Stress and Nicole Skyes have each racked up millions of views on videos featuring the bizarre beauty challenge.

The videos don't seem to be be meant as instructional beauty tutorials, but more just for humour.

Sure, the masks will exfoliate the rest of your body (not just your face) but you will have to buy several tubes of product and possibly wait several hours for the mask to dry.

And like in Skyes' case, you could suffer an allergic reaction.