Denney returning to helm Flyers

By Kevin Anderson, The Northern Times

Glen Denney will return to helm the Kapuskasing Flyers for the 2017-2018 season.

Glen Denney will return to helm the Kapuskasing Flyers for the 2017-2018 season.


The Kapuskasing Dufour Waste Disposal Flyers’ search for a new head coach for the 2017-2018 season is over, as Glen Denney will return to helm the club after a two-season absence.


“We are extremely pleased to welcome Glen back to the Flyers as head coach for the 2017-2018 season,” said Team President, Darren Potvin. “He helped make the team what it is today. There were other qualified people on the list, but with his prior tenure with the Flyers, his experience at the “AAA” level and a number of other factors, his name was at the top of that list. At the end of the day, it was an easy decision to make.”


Remaining with the team’s staff for the upcoming season, will be Cory Marchand and Sheldon Reasbeck.


“Both of those gentlemen are tremendous assets to the team,” said Potvin. “They’re respected and well liked within the organization and by the players.”


Asked if he was surprised by Denney’s interest in resuming his career behind the Flyers’ bench, Potvin said he had firmly believed that the question wasn’t ever if the former coach would return, but rather, when.


“Anyone who knows the type of person Glen is couldn’t be surprised by his decision to return,” commented Potvin. “His intensity and his passion for the game, coaching and this program have always been very clear. The fact that he’s coming back this soon is may be a bit of a surprise, but not the fact that he’s back.”


For his part, Denney said he was extremely happy to be returning to the Model Town’s top franchise.


“I love to coach. Honestly, it’s the one passion I have that really drives me and motivates me. I’ve taken some time away and spent some time with my family and I think after taking a year off and spending a year at the pee wee level, my wife and kids have seen how much I enjoy it and how much I want to be involved,” said Denney.  “I’m extremely fortunate the Flyers are giving me this opportunity to return and that my family gave me the green light to get back in the mix.”


Denney and the rest of the Flyers’ organization will have to get straight to work, with the team’s spring camp set for the end of the month.


“Right now it’s about talking to the players who are eligible to come back and seeing where their heads are at. The organization has also put together a pretty comprehensive scouting package on the players available in the region so I have a good idea of who’s out there,” said Denney. “We’re going to be looking for good people, because good people make good Flyers. If you have the right kind of people, when things get hard, it’s good people who make good decisions and put the team first. It’s not just about the game.


“There are lots of great hockey players out there with a lot of talent but they really have to fit into the Flyers philosophy of developing the whole person, not just one component. It’s about pride, work ethic and a commitment to the region and its communities. It’s a culture we’ve been building here for quite some time now through myself, Cory and most recently Pat as head coaches and the organization as a whole. I would happily compare the Flyers experience not just dollar for dollar, but program for program against anyone else for any young man looking to play midget “AAA” hockey. This year will be a continuation of that.”