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UNION GAS supports KFD with $1,500 grant

Union Gas supports Kapuskasing Fire Department with a $1,500 grant to help purchase an intake valve. This valve is primarily used for rural firefighting operations when a hydrant is unavailable.


At Union Gas, safety governs everything we do, whether we are building a pipeline or installing a gas meter at your home,” said Claude Baril, utility services manager for Kapuskasing, Union Gas. “Because of our safety culture, we make it a priority to support our local firefighters, helping to save lives in the community.”


Kapuskasing Fire Department is a composite department with 8 full-time firefighters, 1 full-time relief firefighter, 28 volunteer firefighters and a full-time fire chief. The intake valve will help make the department more efficient on the initial attack of a fire, saving critical setup time and putting more water onto a fire sooner. A rule of thumb is that a fire doubles in size every minute, the use of the new valve could save 10 minutes of setup time, stopping the fire from growing by 20 times. The use of the new value is also important to firefighter’s safety but helping to prevent possible flashovers.


This generous donation from Union Gas helps to strengthen our collaborative partnership.” said Pat Kennedy, fire chief, Kapuskasing Fire Department. ”Working together helps make our community safer.”