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Smooth Rock Curler takes home bronze in national championship

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

Photo provided

Photo provided

Maxime Blais and Team Horgan have done it again.


The curler from Smooth Rock Falls, playing lead on Team Horgan, alongside his teammates Tanner and Jacob Horgan, and Nick Bissonette, scored a bronze medal earlier in January at the 2017 Canadian Junior Curling Championships held in Victoria, British Columbia.


This year's tournament marked the fourth year the team has made it to the national competition.


“It was really nice,” Maxime Blais from Smooth Rock Falls said. “We had a lot of fun with the other teams this year. They were a little different from what we played against last year but it was fun and everything was organized really well so we had a good time all week.”


Following the team's second place win last year, Blais said the team was confident they could get back into the playoffs.


“We had our hopes of getting this far again, and we knew that we could play well enough to get into the playoffs, so we had pretty high expectations and we did pretty well.”


Some of the highlights for Blais included being able to visit Victoria, and the tournament itself.


“We didn't have any stress so we just went out and played like we knew we could, and just enjoyed the week and the activities a lot more than last year.”


During last year's tournament he said that one of the challenges for the team was nervousness, especially since it was the first time they'd play with microphones and being televised, but this year the team was ready for it.

“We had practice games with microphones on all year, so we were much less nervous this second time around, as well, just knowing that we can play at that level really comforts and encourages us.”


Blais said that the team has two more years together at the Junior level, so he hopes that he'll continue playing with them.


“We've gotten more comfortable as the years and experience adds up.”