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Providing Cellular Support

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

A new support service has begun in Kapuskasing for those with cellular questions or problems that require assistance with their phones.


Amanda on Demand is a free to attend two hour evening classes that take place at the Kapuskasing Public Library on some Wednesday evenings and are hosted by Amanda Marriott.


She said that the workshops first began after the Library approached her to host courses with them, but have grown significantly since then.

“I've been in the cell phone industry for about ten years now, I work at Spaceks for my full time job and we have a lot of repeat clients,” she said. “ They come back several times for the same problems and they get frustrated. It gets hard to always be in the store because it gets busy, so the library approached me and asked me to come in and do a course with them and it kinda just took off from there. I saw that there was a huge need for it and its been fantastic.”


Marriott said that so far the reception has been great, with solid enthusiasm.

“I love that this generation is embracing cell phones because it's not something that is going to be going away any time soon.”

Some of the questions and problems that have been addressed thus far in the courses have included lessons on how to text, set up accounts, phone safety, and more.
“We've done a lot of general questions so far,” Marriott said. “Sometimes I have a class where everyone wants to get deeper into it, and as we go along thats what we're going to do.”


One of the number one requests she's received so far, has been helping people learn how to take selfies.


“I'm happy to see people embrace this technology because it is not going away, and with people being up north and having family down south, the technology can open up an entire world for them,” she shared. “Watching some of the people doing Facetime with their family down south for the first time, that makes me so happy.”


The next course is set to take place on Feb. 22 at the Kapuskasing Public Library.


“It's awesome, so much fun, and something I didn't think I'd ever be doing, but I'm so happy that I found this market and that it is being filled.”