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Nordic Junior Ski Program cancelled for 2017

By Kyle Lincez, The Northern Times

The Kapuskasing Nordic Ski Club has cancelled its Junior Ski Program for 2017 due to a lack of volunteers.


According to club president Sean Reid, the program has had trouble maintaining a volunteer to head it.


“A couple of years ago the woman that had been doing it for a number of years decided that she had enough, so we got someone else to reluctantly volunteer for it,” Reid said. “She did it for almost two years and then felt she couldn't handle it.”


He said that the major problem is the lack of willing volunteers.


“People like to drop their kids off, but they don't like to be involved,” he said. “ A junior program in any sport or organization keeps that organization alive and flourishing, and the fact that we can't find anyone to volunteer to do it is quite disappointing.”

The problem has extended even beyond the program cancellation, and has been impacting the club's chalet as well.


“We're having a hard time manning the chalet due to the lack of volunteers,” he said. “Everyone wants to use the facilities but no one wants to help out.”


When asked if the bout of warm weather has impacted the trails at all, Reid said they have not been affected too much.


“It melted in spots, but it never closed any trails,” he shared. “As a matter of fact they're in pristine shape right now, it gave us a chance to get our tracking down farther, and maintain them to excellent shape.”