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Flyers deserve support during playoff run

By Kevin Anderson, The Northern Times

It’s been a tough go for the Kapuskasing Dufour Waste Disposal Flyers this season.


Not in so much as the on-ice product -- not at all.

In fact, this season has seen the Flyers post a pretty stellar 24-9-2-1 record this season, taking points in 16 of their last 17 games.


No, instead the problem has been with attendance.


The Flyers have rarely had 200 plus butts in the buckets (that’s fans in the bleachers for you less crude folks) during this season -- a far cry from the 400-600 average attendance the team had become accustomed to over the last eight seasons.


So it begs the question: Why?


Is it that the price to attend a game has gotten too high?

I’d hate to think that would be the cause.

While its true that it costs slightly more now than it did in previous years to attend a Flyers game, the price of a daily coffee at Tim Hortons and the fuel for your vehicle have also seen an increase. I don’t know anyone who’s stopped drinking coffee or driving because of it.


No, unfortunately the explanation is actually far more simple and sad: Apathy.


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines apathy as:

1: lack of interest or concern: indifference


Eight years ago, the Flyers were everyone’s favourite underdog. They toppled the number two and three teams in the league during the playoffs, en route to the first appearance in the Great North Midget League finals in years.


Residents were inspired by their tale of resilience and moxy and flocked to the Kap RCC in numbers totaling over 1,000 fans per game.


Flyers fever had gripped the Model Town. The community had embraced the team wholeheartedly and the players used that support as fuel for a great playoff run.


They didn’t win, but by gosh they left it all on the ice.


Since then however, the team has made several more trips to the Great North Midget League finals. They are no longer the underdogs.


In essence, fans appear to have become so used to the Flyers succeeding that they are taking it for granted.


This post-season, let the players know that their efforts are appreciated.


Get out and support the boys.