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Fernandez the Hypnotist coming to Sunshine

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Fernandez the Hypnotist will be making his was to the Sunshine House and Tavern on Feb. 15, at 6 p.m.


For Years Fernandez has dazzled audiences the world over with his spectacular brand of hypnosis. No other performer has captured the intrigue and electricity of this discipline, and it is doubtful anyone ever will.


Born in Havana, Cuba, Fernandez learned his skills from his father, himself a recognized professional stage-hypnotist. His first stage experience was as his father’s assistant at the age of four, but it wasn’t until his teens that Fernandez devoted himself to these mysterious realms.


With the aid of his father, Fernandez learned the fundamentals of hypnosis and how to hold any audience spellbound by refining his stage technique.  In his early twenties, Fernandez studied with the highly acclaimed Canadian hypnotist and psychic researcher, Alan Spraggett.


He has also appeared with Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, John Candy and Dan Ackroyd, just to name a few. Fernandez has appeared on numerous television shows, which have aired worldwide. Fernandez has also featured his own stage spectacle, “Caliente” at the Jaragua Hotel and Casino in Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic for two years.


In 1990 Fernandez became a certified Hypnotherapist and has produced a series of hypnosis seminars and C.D.’s


Although his feats of hypnotism appear to defy reason, the only way to believe or disbelieve is to see it. That is what makes Fernandez one of the premier hypnotists in the world today and the name Fernandez stands for two generations of spellbinding performances and standing room crowds. Even the most hardened of skeptics will walk away from the show shaking their heads in utter amazement.