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Siebert to fill vacant council seat

By Kevin Anderson, The Northern Times

 Former Kapuskasing councilor Frank Siebert will once again have a seat at the table after agreeing to fill the position vacated by Laurier Guillemette.


Kapuskasing council voted on Tuesday evening to proceed with filling Guillemette’s chair with the next person in line from 2014’s municipal election, rather than conduct a new election or fill the position from the public at large.


Kapuskasing mayor Alan Spacek said it was definitely advantageous to have a former councilor returning to fill the vacant seat.


“(Mr. Siebert) be able to hit the ground running, so to speak,” he commented. “He was very active when he was on council previously and was certainly a valuable contributor to the activities of council, so that’s a significant advantage”.


Siebert is expected to sworn in at the next Committees of the Whole/Council meeting.


The Times could not reach Frank Siebert for comment as of press time.