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Arena energy project progressing as planned

By Kevin Anderson, The Northern Times

 With two months of work still to conduct to complete the project, the installation of the new co-gen system, which will take the Kapuskasing Regional Conference Complex virtually off of the energy grid, is proceeding as planned.

“We’re making ice on the North pad,” said Town of Kapuskasing CAO, Yves Labelle. “Over the next couple of months, we’ll complete the South pad and the Kapuskasing Curling Club.”

The new system won’t take the RCC completely off of the grid. The system actually runs parallel with the grid, producing about 90 per cent of its electricity using the co-gen. It will remain connected to the grid so that during any down time the generator needs for maintenance or repairs in the case of a breakdown, the facility can still run from the grid.

It will also allow the facility to continue operating during power failures by running 100 per cent off of the co-gen. The generator will run on natural gas and the heat from that generator will be re-claimed to heat the facilities.

Labelle said the new system will also take advantage of Kapuskasing's frigid winter temperatures to help with refrigeration of the ice surfaces, which he said will not only be an energy savings but also produce a higher-quality ice.

The idea is that the $2 million project will pay for itself in energy savings.

Local contractors will be trained to perform maintenance on the system.

“That will be an additional savings,” said Labelle. “Right now we have to call people in from Sudbury to do maintainance on the current system and that would be eliminated.

In addition to the RCC and the curling club, the system has also been designed to handle the energy demands of a new public pool, should that project come to fruition.