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Canadian-Israeli woman reportedly kidnapped by ISIS

QMI Agency

Gill Rosenberg (Facebook)

Gill Rosenberg (Facebook)

A Canadian-Israeli woman who joined Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State militants earlier this month has been kidnapped by the group, Israeli media reported Sunday morning.

Gill Rosenberg's kidnapping was reported by The Jerusalem Post as well as, the English-language edition of Ynet, Israel's largest and most popular news website.

On Sunday afternoon, SITE Intel, which monitors jihadist and white supremacist activity, said, "IS captured a Jewish female soldier fighting alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga in Kobani (Syria), and discussed ideas for executing her or using her for prisoner exchanges." said "reports began surfacing on jihadi and Palestinian social media and forums, and claim Rosenberg was taken while fighting with the Peshmerga forces in Kobani."

A Foreign Affairs spokesman said, "Canada is pursuing all appropriate channels" to seek further information and is in touch with local authorities.

"I cannot confirm that and I hope that it isn't true," Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya'alon told an Israeli television channel when asked about the reports.

The Post said that Rosenberg told Israel Radio in early November she had decided to join the fighters for humanitarian and ideological reasons and “because they are our brothers” who are fighting Islamic State.

Friends of Rosenberg posted messsages on her Facebook page shortly after the news of her possible kidnapping broke.

"Hope this is wrong and you come back safely. Gila bat Avraham," Ed-Malki Dvir wrote.

And Chris Levy posted: "I hope this isn't true but if it is then I am praying for you and your other captured hevals in your darkest hours." Heval means friend in Kurdish., the online edition of Israel's oldest daily newspaper, said "the pro-Islamic State blog Samoach al-Islam reported that several female fighters who fought alongside the Kurds have been captured, among them Gill Rosenberg.

"According to the report, prior to their capture, Islamic State fighters made three suicide bombing attacks against Kurdish outposts, killing some and capturing many others."

Haaretz says, Samoach al-Islam is considered to be one of the media arms of ISIS.

According to, Rosenberg immigrated to Israel from Canada in 2006, after studying at British Columbia Institute of Technology and left behind a promising career as a pilot.