Climate alarmists need to chill out

By Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun

Winter weather has arrived early for some parts of North America. (MIKE DiBATTISTA/QMI Agency)

Winter weather has arrived early for some parts of North America. (MIKE DiBATTISTA/QMI Agency)

Every time it gets unseasonably cold and someone says the chill is proof global warming isn’t happening, the climate alarmists shriek that one cold spell proves nothing.

Of course the reverse is never true. Every heatwave, hurricane or drought is trumpeted by the same fear mongers as proof that a warming catastrophe is imminent. Whenever local temperatures exceed the seasonal norm, some climate scientist or eco-activist will insist that these are the kind of hot times humans will have to get used to if we don’t dramatically reduce our lifestyles and our carbon emissions.

Indeed, just imagine what the environmentalists would be shouting right now if, instead of being the coldest November on record in parts of North America, this was the warmest.

As many as 300 U.S. weather stations in the Rocky Mountain West, the Midwest and the South have broken all-time daily lows – and not by just a little.

Denver set a new record low for last Saturday that was nearly 3C below the old one recorded nearly a century ago.

A score of U.S. cities have recorded the coldest temperatures for any day in the entire month of November dating back more than 130 years. And the U.S. Weather Channel reports this is “one of the longest sub-freezing spells on record for the month of November,” if not the longest.

If it were the other way around – if U.S. cities were shattering daily or monthly warm records – headlines everywhere would be screaming “Scientists warn of impending climate Armageddon!"

Even if a warming planet will occasionally still have cold spells, it is seems unlikely that it would get colder than at any time in the past century-and-a-half. Cold, yes; but not deep, deep record cold.

Especially when you couple this with the fact that the Earth has not warmed in nearly two decades, this has to call the whole global warming alarm theory into question.

Instead politicians and environmentalists are continuing with their shrill insistence that our planet is at risk unless we scale back how we all live and put more power in the hands of governments to regulate industries.

The inability of politicians, particularly on the left, to accept that there is little real proof of a coming climate meltdown – lots of theoretical belief, but little proof – is more of a threat to our way of life than climate change.

For Canada, the unfounded hysteria over global warming imperils our national economy.

Unless two or more of the four main proposed pipelines – Keystone XL, Northern Gateway, Kinder Morgan, Energy East – out of Alberta’s oilsands get built, the entire national economy will slow. And it is hysterical climate alarmism that is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of all four. (First Nations opposition is obstacle No. 2.)

In the U.S., President Barack Obama’s climate obsession is the main barrier to Keystone XL approval. Even after the U.S. Senate finally approves the pipeline, Obama is likely to veto it because he and his sophomoric advisers are so convinced of climate theories, and because the left wing of his Democratic party has made Keystone a symbol of everything evil.

Climate obsession is also why Obama signed a one-sided climate deal with China last week. The U.S. must make sizeable carbon emission reductions by 2025; the Chinese need do nothing – nothing – before 2030.

At home, climate obsession among Liberals and New Democrats prevents them from seeing the meaninglessness of the Obama-China pact. They are so desperate to prove their climate bona fides that they have hammered on the Harper government to give in to alarmism here, too.

But there is little or nothing to be alarmed about. So the prime minister mustn’t capitulate.

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