Calgary Stampeders receiver Maurice Price tweets about Michael Sam

By Scott Fisher, Calgary Sun

The Stampeders' Maurice Price caused controversy Monday when he tweeted about Michael Sam.

The Stampeders' Maurice Price caused controversy Monday when he tweeted about Michael Sam.

Maurice Price has never shied away from controversy.

But the outspoken Calgary Stampeders wide receiver has kicked a big hornet’s nest this time.

Price triggered a Twitter firestorm Monday afternoon with a single tweet about openly gay football player Michael Sam, who was drafted by the St. Louis Rams late in the NFL Draft.

Price tweeted: “My faith won’t allow me to ACCEPT what took place over the weekend! Sorry, NOT sorry! #AdamAndEve #NotAdamAndAdam.”

Reached late in the afternoon, Price said he has no issue with Sam or that he’s an openly gay player but defended his own right to have an opinion on homosexuality.

“I wish Michael Sam nothing but the best and I hope he goes and has a fantastic career,” Price said.

“It’s nothing personal against him.

“People think I’m saying he shouldn’t be drafted into the NFL, or they shouldn’t have homosexual players. That’s not it at all.

“I was speaking about homosexuality in general. As a Christian, obviously it’s not something I can condone or accept.”

A pair of CFL players were fined in February for sending out anti-gay tweets after Sam publicly announced he is a homosexual.

Montreal Alouettes wide receiver Arland Bruce and Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive tackle Bryant Turner Jr. Were fined for their tweets.

Price can expect to be reaching for his wallet as well.

But the 6-foot-1, 205-lb. speedster insisted he does not have an issue with gay people.

“I’m not a homophobe,” Price said. “A homophobe is someone who can’t associate or be around gays.

“As far as practicing Christianity, it’s just something I believe in.

“It’s a sin. It’s no worse and no more than robbing or stealing is a sin.

“It’s not personal against anybody. But Twitter takes it and people put their own spin on it.

“What kind of person would I be to say I don’t think the NFL, or the CFL for that matter, should allow gay players?

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

Former Stamps teammate Eric Fraser, who will suit up with the expansion Ottawa RedBlacks this season, retweeted what Price had written and then added “#Idiot.”

Fraser then tweeted: “I’d imagine a large percentage of our league is accepting. This opinion is the minority. #YouCanPlay”

Whether Price’s tweet will become an issue in the dressing room when players report for training camp later this month remains to be seen.

Star running back Jon Cornish, who has two moms, has been openly supportive of the LGBT lifestyle.

Flames president of hockey operation Brian Burke is an indirect boss of Price now that the NHL squad owns the CFL franchise.

Burke’s son Patrick Burke is president of the You Can Play program, which is dedicated to the eradication of homophobia in sports.

But the 28-year-old Price said he doesn’t think it will be an issue at all.

“We won’t have a problem,” Price said of the locker-room. “This type of thing has come up before. We’ll go back and forth and communicate and it’ll be over.

“It’s no moreso than politics or Kobe (Bryant) versus LeBron (James).

“What kind of world would it be if we agreed on everything?”

The Stampeders may have a different view of things. The team sent out a statement a couple hours later and was strong in its condemnation of what Price said.

“The Calgary Stampeders are outraged by the offensive comments made today in tweets from Maurice Price’s account,” the team said.

“The comments are repugnant and in no way reflect the organization’s views or values. The matter will now be dealt with internally.”

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