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Musicians Nashville bound to fulfill dreams

Musicians Estelle Deschamps and John Lemieux before their trip to Nashville to record their first CD.

Musicians Estelle Deschamps and John Lemieux before their trip to Nashville to record their first CD.

 Kyle Lincez

for The Northern Times


The month of April can mean many things to people, the first true month of spring, the last few weeks prior to university ending its winter semester, or for musician and singer Estelle Deschamps, the trip of her dreams.


“We’re going to Nashville on April 8 – 13.”


Deschamps, a resident of Cochrane, and John Lemieux, from Smooth Rock Falls, will be heading to Jay’s Place Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee with their spouses in order to record their first CD.


“It’s been the experience of a lifetime,” Deschamps said. “It’s been a lot of work, but it’s all my own original songs.”


The CD is set to have 13 songs and will be diverse in its genres featuring blues, rock, country, and French music, Lemieux explained.


“It’ll be a mix of everything, all original compositions, some of them are pretty special.”

The two will be recording the music in Nashville, but have already done the majority of the vocals with Bliss Recording Studio in Timmins.


“Ten of them I did there,” Deschamps said. “I did my vocals there and they transfer the vocals to Nashville.”


Deschamps expressed her hopes that the CD will be ready to go by the summer.


“I’m hoping for June, I should say July but I’m pushing myself for June.”


When asked what her plans are after the CD’s release, Deschamps said that she views this as a new beginning, and fully intends to continue what she’s started.


“Plus she’ll be singing for promotion,” Lemieux added.


Deschamps, born in 1961, first started singing publically in 1999 after having always enjoyed singing through her life.


“I did karaoke for the first time and I had my back to the public and it was then I realized this was something that I wanted to do and then continued doing it, pushing myself to doing it.”


For Deschamps the dream is just beginning as many new events loom on the horizon. Along with her first CD release, she is also to be inducted into the Great Northern Opry in Sault St. Marie, an event that celebrates and rewards the talents of country musicians from Northern Ontario, as well as playing for an event much closer to home.


“She’ll be singing for the Lumberjack Festival opening on the Thursday night,” Lemieux revealed.

Deschamps offered advice to any and all people interested in working with music, urging them to never give up on their dreams.


Just never stop dreaming,” she said. “No matter what age you are. I got married very young, and I raised my family before pursuing my dreams. That’s why I always say even later in life you can still do your dreams. Never stop.”

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